Photo Session

Photo Session Details With Jennifer Pearson

The process starts with a phone consultation where we will discuss the upcoming photo session. This allows me to get a sense of your needs and desires. The session itself can be as short as an hour or as long as 2.5 hours, depending on the child.

I feel it is important for children to be as comfortable as possible so as to be able to capture them naturally, in addition to being able to capture more than one aspect of their personality. Thus, there will be time for play and rest throughout the session.

On location sessions can be in your home or at an agreed upon alternate location (such as a beach or playground). In studio sessions, the child will be photographed against a white or black backdrop for simplicity, which keeps the focus on the child and doesn’t detract from capturing their personality and essence.

It is important that the child arrives well-rested and well fed. As well, the idea is to maintain an element of playfulness for the child, so it is important for the parents themselves to be relaxed and rested. I encourage parents to bring along favorite cds or toys for their child. In addition, I will always have something new and interesting on hand to capture the child’s attention. If the child is feeling unwell, it is advisable to re-schedule (within a 6-week timeframe) so as to capture your child at their best on another day.

In terms of clothing, less is more in my opinion. I suggest simple, solid, light-coloured clothing. Blue jeans, overalls, khaki pants, sundresses, plain t-shirts, and bare feet, are all timeless. I am not a big fan of patterns, stripes or logos.

Newborns are best photographed without any clothes, or in something plain and simple, such as an undershirt. Feel free to bring several outfits to the session and I will help you choose which ones are the most appropriate.

A portfolio album with 24 finished photographs will be presented approximately 2 weeks after the photo shoot. Enlargements will be ordered and paid for during this presentation session, and delivered approximately 2 weeks later.

Finally, my ultimate goal in photographing your child is to capture their true natural essence and to provide you with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.