If you’re thinking of booking, please call sooner rather than later
as the next available weekday session date is… Wednesday, August 9th, 2006, and
the next available weekend session is Saturday August 5th, 2006 .

SESSION FEES- Newborns, Babies, Children & Family *:

Studio Session**
 $195.00 (photographer’s time only)
Studio Session with leather portfolio album of session photos** $495.00
 (save $50 by purchasing at the time of the photo session instead of waiting until the ordering session)
On-Location (Indoor/Outdoor – natural setting – no studio set-up)***  $225.00
On-Location Session (City of Toronto – studio set-up)***  $295.00

*Sessions consisting of more than 4 people will incur an additional fee of $25 per person.
**Any 2 backdrops – $40 added to the session fee.
***Locations outside the city of Toronto will incur an additional cost for time and gas.
Gift Certificates also available for purchase. In order to reserve a session time, a non-refundable session retainer of 50% of the sitting fee is due at the time of booking. The balance is due the day of the photoshoot. Cancellations must be re-booked within a 6-week time frame and received at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled shoot.

New! Ask me about colored backdrops – carnation pink and baby blue!
Click here for PINK and here for BLUE.

Portrait Prices
Wallets (8)    $  25.00
Up to 4×6      $  20.00
Up to 5×7      $  25.00
Up to 8×10    $  40.00
Up to 11×14  $  95.00
Up to 12×18  $120.00
Up to 16×20  $145.00
Up to 20×24  $165.00Portfolio Album (28 finished 5×7 photographs mounted in an album)   $350.00

Portraits can also be mounted on canvas. Prices available on request.

Baby ‘Body and Soul’ Collage (click HERE to view)  11×14 $175.00   16×20 $200.00
Toddler ‘Expressions’ Collage (click HERE to view) 11×14 $175.00    16×20 $200.00
Siblings Collage (click HERE to view)                           11×14 $175.00    16×20 $200.00
‘Multiples’ Collage (click HERE to view)                        10×20 $225.00    15×30 $275.00
Storyboards (click HERE to view)                                   10×20 $190.00    15×30 $250.00
5×30 ‘Skinny’ – 5-8 pictures horizontally or vertically (click HERE to view)         $130.00
A second collage from the same file is priced at regular portrait prices (listed above)

ExtrasHandcolouring – $25.00 per original image
Corrections – removal of significant blemishes/scars included in portrait price. However,
major corrections or removal of items in photographs will be priced accordingly,
based on the time spent retouching.

JA Pearson Photography accepts cash and cheques as payment. All fees, including the session fee, are subject to 8% PST and 7% GST.

Prices are subject to change without notice.